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The concept of using a barcode to collect utility billing data was first researched and developed by 360 Energy Inc. in 2011. Since then, 360 Energy has promoted the concept of open easily accessible utility data to governments, utilities and energy users. For customers to strategically manage their energy and water, it will require the adoption of a national solution by the widest possible range of utility providers. To that end it is clear that the solution needs to be a universal ‘open source’ technology.  To this end the Utility Billing Data Access Working Group was formed comprised of a range of stakeholders.









The Utility Billing Data Access Working Group will:

  • Work to transform Canada's energy and water systems into a consistent format that is easy to access and be used by end users. 

  • Develop an open standard that can be adopted by multiple energy providers (i.e. gas, water, electricity) in all jurisdictions throughout Canada where key billing components will be presented in a consistent format to end users. 

  • Seek to provide an open source solution for reporting on billing data, that will allow either single site or multiple locational, organizations to develop applications that will read and report verified billing components in a consistent and efficient manner. 





Membership is open to all stakeholders, including but not limited to the following:


  • Energy Users

  • Software/application developers

  • Utilities

  • Consultants & energy service providers

Thank you for your interest in the UDBA!


The Association has an Advisory Board that is assisting in drafting the Association’s rules and constitution.




Work is currently underway in drafting a constitution for the Association. The constitution will clarify the legal status of the Association, appointment of officers and other matters relevant to the operation of the Association.

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