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The Utility Billing Data Access Working Group is comprised of 14 members from a variety of sectors in various parts of Canada, covering manufacturing, municipal consumers, consulting, utilities, billing agents and provincial governments.  With a broad range of sectors being represented, it ensures the best solution can be suggested for the greatest good across the country,  

Objectives of the Working Group


In order to represent all energy users across the country, large or small, residential, commercial or institutional and assist all those who service them, the working group set out 4 objectives in which to accomplish through their time together. 


  • To provide an understanding of the methodology required for extracting data from a customer's utility bill

  • Benefits of the solution and what that solution would mean to the energy industry

  • Complete a full SWOT analysis of any applicable solutions

  • Develop a white paper which will be used to help readers understand the issues, solve a problem and guide them towards a decision for implementation.



The solution that comes from this working group could take any form at this time, but it must be an easily adaptable, open source solution that will work hand in hand with a variety of programs and software packages currently in use in the marketplace.


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