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Through working with small, medium and large organizations over the years, we have found that people and organizations across Canada have a consistent problem when it comes to effectively managing energy.  The problem is access to, and knowledge of, all the information contained in their utility bills. 


The ability to capture all utility billing information is critical to any organization that is looking for ways to reduce and control their energy costs.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure!  The difficulty in capturing billing data inherently makes it difficult for customers to fully understand the charges on their utility bills. This lack of understanding is a primary bottle neck which restricts the capacity of organizations to effectively manage energy. 


In an effort to solve these issues, the Utility Billing Data Access Working Group (UBDAWG) has been created.  The mandate of the UBDAWG is to identify a solution that can be implemented by utilities not only in Ontario, but across Canada and North America.  First and foremost however, we need to let government, utilities, regulators and other pertinent organizations know that this is an issue. They need to understand that those who pay some of the largest energy bills in the province and country have a problem and are looking for help solving it.  This is where you come in. 


We are asking you to express your support for easier access to your utility billing data. To express your support, we are asking you to provide your name, the name of your organization, and your contact information. UBDAWG will add your name to a growing list of organizations calling for a country wide strategy to extract pertinent, universal billing data from all utility bills. Your voice will strengthen the effort to find an easy, low cost solution, regardless of the utility.   If you are open to providing your name and contact informaiton please click here to download the form and return it to Lisa Brodeur, Secretary to the working group.




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